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Rolls are quick, easy-to-eat bites and if you’ve been looking to grab one for yourself, look no further than Rule The Rolls, Khan Market. Founded by Haji Banda Hasan five decades ago, the food joint serves up piping hot and delicious rolls made using Hasan’s secret recipe.

Talking about their food, his son Mohammed Javed says, “When our father (Haji Banda Hasan) went to perform his first Hajj in 2005, my brother, Mohammed Saleem and I took over the business and ensured that the recipe stayed secret. And even now, we employ the traditional way of cooking — we use charcoal with modern kitchen along with using homemade spices and fresh chicken or meat. We’re the oldest kebab makers in Khan Market, serving since 1972.”

Along with chicken and mutton rolls, tikkas and kebabs, the eatery also has plenty of options for vegetarians and offers a special pocket-friendly menu for students. Javed adds, “We use the same method of cooking that our waalid saheb (father) taught us. Our modern cooking techniques are environment friendly, ingredients are simple and fresh, which ensures that our food is light.”Apart from Khan Market, Rule The Rolls also has outlets in Saket PVR and Galleria Market, Gurugram. “Lots of celebrities, sportspersons and artists have tasted our kebabs and rolls. I still remember that when Ranveer Singh came to our restaurant, he was very humble and happy to eat our food,” says Saleem, adding, “Being in Khan Market helps us get a lot of high-end shoppers. Whether it’s mutton seekh rolls or chicken rolls, our food is a hit, thanks to our kind patrons.”

Kiosk No 23/4 Ground Floor & First Floor Community Centre Anupam PVR Saket.

S-18, Windsor Street Market, Vaibhav Khand, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, U. P. Coming soon: Vadodra (Gujarat) # 9810804114,9810671103

For sumptuous, tasty and healthy rolls

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Rolls are the perfect choice when it comes to tasty, quick and healthy options. And here is Rule the Rolls, one of the biggest and oldest names for mouthwatering vegetarian and nonvegetarian and rolls, known for its kebabs, tikkas and roomali rolls.

Its legacy of making rolls includes quite a long journey, beginning with when Haji Banda Hasan started making rolls in Khan Market in 1972. He created amazing rolls for five decades, after which his son Mohammed Saleem learnt making kebabs and rolls and joined the business in 1996. Later, Mohammed Javed, the other son of Haji Banda Hasan also took upon his father’s legacy in 2000 after completing his education.

Mohammed Saleem says, “Our amazing rolls are made using our traditional and secret recipe. Besides the delectable rolls, we also serve delish chicken tikka, mutton tikka, chicken seekh kebab, paneer tikka, along with Interiors of the outlet vegetarian and nonvegetarian burgers.

Mohammed Javed adds, “We are always thankful to our loyal patrons and guests, our food is appreciated by people of all age groups.”

Rule the Rolls: SG-074, Ground Floor, DLF Phase-IV Galleria Market, Gurugram; Rule the Rolls: 49A, Ground Floor, Khan Market New Delhi; Rule the Rolls: Kiosk No 23/4, Ground Floor & First Floor, Community Centre, Anupam PVR Saket. Coming soon: Indirapuram (Ghaziabad) & Vadodara (Gujarat) Contact: 9810804114, 9810671103

Serving authentic Mughlai delicacies for decades

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The legacy of Haji Banda Hasan is synonymous with authentic Mughlai food in Delhi. For decades, Rule The Rolls, the eatery which Hasan founded, has drawn attention of foodies and today, the eatery has become one of the Capital’s most-visited places by celebrities, all because of its delicacies and impressive ambience.

Recently, Rule The Rolls, Khan Market, played host to Bollywood actor Janhvi Kapoor.

“We are extremely happy with her feedback about the food and ambience. She said that her entire family loves our food and she was happy to come here. She was quite happy to be in our restaurant and wished us all the success. We thank her a lot that she encouraged us to achieve great milestones. We Rule The Rolls thank her for her visit,” says Haji Banda Hasan.

Haji Banda Hasan has been serving amazing food since 1972 and created a loyal following. Over the years, Rule The Rolls has become a landmark destination for authentic Mughlai food lovers.

“We have served our food to some great personalities including former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah, actor Nafisa Ali, Indian-American film and TV director Ravjot Mehek Singh, sitar maestro Nishat Khan, actor Himani Shivpuri, cricketers Prashant Chopra and Anureet Singh, among others,” adds Hasan.

Recently, they opened their new Kebab studio at Anupam PVR Saket. In addition, the first franchise outlet is going to open in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, next month.

Addresses: Kiosk no 23/4, ground floor and first floor, community centre, Anupam PVR Saket; 49 A, ground floor, Khan Market; and SG-074, ground floor, DLF Phase IV Galleria Market Gurugram

For more information, call Mohammad Javed: 9810804114 or Mohammad Saleem: 9810671103.

Trademark battle over ‘Khan Chacha’

The Economic Times, issue 14th November 2017

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NEW DELHI: The iconic Khan Chacha brand of restaurants that boasts patrons including famous politicians, filmstars and sports personalities is at the centre of a trademark ownership battle between partners who ran the business together until recently but have now fallen out.

The partners, Haji Banda Hasan, also known as Khan Chacha, and Navneet Kalra, are bickering over an agreement that Kalra claims assigned him the rights to the Khan Chacha brand in 2012, and Hasan alleges that it is “forged and fabricated”.

The partnership between the two parties took an ugly turn last year culminating in Hasan and his sons splitting from the business and establishing a restaurant under a different brand. The Hasan family subsequently claimed rights over the trademark Khan Chacha which is registered in Hasan’s name.

Kalra has claimed ownership of the trademark, citing an agreement dated April 4, 2012, which states that Hasan “unconditionally, irrevocably and perpetually” assigned to Gupta and Gupta, a firm owned by him, the trademark “Khan Chacha”.

Hasan has disputed the validity of the agreement and filed a complaint with the economic offences wing of the Delhi Police on February 15 this year alleging wrongdoing on the part of Kalra. A district court in south Delhi’s Defence Colony area directed the police to submit an action taken report with respect to the complaint on November 2.

“The said complaint is only a ploy to exert pressure on Gupta and Gupta Pvt. Ltd. and its directors to give up their rights in the trademark Khan Chacha which already stands assigned to their company,” Gurinder Pal Singh, a lawyer representing Kalra, told ET.

Rekha Sharma, an arbitrator appointed to adjudicate on disputes between the two parties as per clauses in the agreement that is now under contention has upheld the validity of the agreement in a ruling on 25 October this year.

“The Kalra’s had committed not to use the brand if any dispute arose with Banda Hasan and sons. Today, Khan Chacha is being run illegally regardless of the authenticity of the trademark assignment. The criminal complaint has been filed in all earnest. The arbitrators’ findings are flawed and will be challenged,” said Kabir Dixit, a lawyer representing the Hasan family.

Banda Hasan’s new shop, Rule The Rolls, is located next to the Khan Chacha outlet in the market.

Yummi-licious burgers for kids in Gurgaon!

Page 7 HT City, issue 1st October 2017

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If the little kids in your family are too finicky about eating rolls, tikkas and kebabs then you can simply introduce them to the vast variety of lip-smacking Mughlai delicacies from Rule the Rolls.

Located in Gurgaon, Rule the Rolls is a paradise for food lovers, and it has launched mouth-watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian grilled burgers especially for kids.

Md Javed, co-owner of Rule the Rolls says, “Our father Haji Banda Hasan, famous as Khan Chacha, invented roomali roti in India, which was appreciated by customers a lot.” He adds, “He then introduced fusion rolls in 1972 that was an instant hit as well and has won millions of hearts since then from all over the globe. So, this year, for kids we are adding grilled burgers that are a blend of Mughlai flavours combined with English taste to our menu.”

And dear Delhiites, you don’t need to rush to Gurgaon to relish this scrumptious and irresistible Mughlai delicacies as Md Saleem, co-owner of Rule the Rolls, says, “After seeing the remarkable response in Gurgaon, we are looking forward to opening an exciting new outlet in Khan Market.”

So, the next time you grab a quick bite, make sure your kids get yummy burgers too!

Where to find them:

In Gurgaon: SG-074, GF DLF Phase IV, Galleria Market


Blog, issue 27th September 2017

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We all must have visit the famous Khan Chacha either in Khan market or other places for once atleast. Their juicy chicken and mutton delicacies and rolls had been the best till date.. And now they are up with some-thing new!!

Khan chacha has well known name in Kathi rolls.. Their makers are now in Gurugram with an all new outlet ‘Rule The Rolls’ !

This newbie is soon gonna get hit as it has Khan chacha’s back! Their menu incorporates an entire group of kebabs like Chicken Spicy Tikka, Chicken Seekh Kebab, Mutton Kakori Kebab, Fish Tikka, Veg Hariyali Kebab and Paneer Tikka!

Alongside this, they’ve got a huge set of rolls on the menu!

The rolls have hot stuffing with green chutney, wrapped in a rumali roti! The chicken tikka or paneer tikka whatever you choose, is amazingly marinated and cooked.. Its placed in the roti along with large quantity of onion pieces and chutneys in it.

For your sweet tooth, they got you Saviya Sheer Halwa which is truly fantastic! So simply ahead and look at their moves immediately folks!

Also you can grab on some soft drinks and juices available on the menu!


LOCATION | Rule The Rolls – SG 74, Galleria Market, DLF Phase IV, Gurgaon

Look at Their FB Page:

Design by Meta – creates “Rule the rolls”

Magazine SURFACES REPORTER, issue July 2017

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Rule the Rolls GURUGRAM

Style starts from the bottom up. Colour being an essential part of the equation, creating the mood and style of the décor. A Bold geometric floor with a shade of blue set in a playful hexagonal patterned tile, create the perfect setting for “Rule the Rolls” a popular kebab restaurant in Galleria Market in Gurgaon. Inspired by Mediterranean and Mughal colours, creating a fusion of both to inspire the design.

The Arched Niches have fine hand knotted carpets specially designed for the brand, to tell the story of their humble beginnings in Saharanpur in 1948 to Jama Masjid in 1960 and finally in 1972 in Khan Market.

The use of Pine wood offsets the blue colour creating a warm balance to the cool tones of blue. The Vital aspect of the design is that it engages the five senses,  the visual with the use of texture and colour, the softness of the fabric and the woodwork engage the sense of touch.

Architect/ Designer: Nomita Sawhney, Abhishek Rustagi; Design By Meta

Client: Rule the Rolls (SSU FOODS AND BEVERAGES)

Interior Wall Finishes: Customised Cement Concrete tiles by Sonark Tiles; Asian Paints; Pine Wood

Flooring: Customised Cement Concrete tiles by Sonark Tiles

Furniture: Custom designed by Design by Meta in Pine wood

The project was published in the JULY 2017 issue of SURFACES REPORTER.

Dig into authentic kebab rolls

Page 9 HT City, issue 26th August 2017

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Who hasn’t heard of Haji Banda Hasan aka, Khan Chacha? Born in Saharanpur in 1948, the man behind the age-old brand, Khan Chacha, moved to Old Delhi in 1960 to learn the process of making delicious kebabs and tikkas. And today, his name is synonymous to Delhi’s heritage cuisine.

This franchise, know for their expertise in Mughlai dishes, is re-branding itself as Rule the Rolls. And, if you are a fan of rolls, this place is for you. From Fish Tikka Roomali Rolls, Kakori Rolls to Mutton Seekh Kebabs for non-vegetarians and Paneer and Batata Tikka Rolls for vegetarians, this haunt in Gurgaon has a delicious platter for all. And you can also opt for kebabs minus the rotis. Interesting, isn’t it?

Talking about the new venture, Md Saleem, says, “On numerous requests, we opened our new brand called Rule the Rolls in Galleria Gurgaon. We earned the confidence of our clients who visit on a regular basis. Our extension in recipes in this outlet also includes traditional Mughlai dishes like chicken stew, mutton haleem and chicken kofta. Many other new dishes are in the pipeline.”

They are also looking forward to expanding the brand with multiple branches in Delhi-NCR.